Meghan to stay in California on doctor’s orders as Prince Charles remembers ‘my dear papa’

There had earlier been speculation that the Duchess of Sussex might avoid Britain so as to not overshadow a sombre national occasion.

‘To me he was like a long-lost, favourite uncle’: The day I met Prince Philip

We were thrown into delicious social panic. My mother and sister bought new dresses and hats. The big day came and, groomed to within an inch of our lives, we […]

Prince Philip includes nod to Australia in newly released, radically slimmed down funeral plans

The service will be attended by just 30 royal family members and feature a specially modified Land Rover designed by the late Duke of Edinburgh.

‘I called the Duke a little naive’: What really happened during Prince Philip’s spear gaffe

It was on a visit in March 2002, Prince Philip turned to Indigenous leader Ivan Brim and asked what was to become known as ‘the spears gaffe’ reported around the […]