JJX – Climb lyrics

V1:This razor blade romance cuts deeper
All the time. Mangling my disposition anytime you’re on the fly. I still
Don’t have you figured out. I know you’ve had your doubts

Ch: I never wanted to put you upon a pedestal
But that is where you chose to climb
You’re not so special, you’re not so special
Although unwilling I let you revoke a sentiment that you once claimed was
Only mine. Guess I’m not so special
Not so special in your eyes.

V2: My wounds are now infected
Can you recognize the strain
Another epidemic
Of your bitter pulmonary pain
I’ve never had you figured out
I know you’ve always had your doubts


But you’re so beautiful
You’re so beautiful
You’re so beautiful my illusion
You’re always on the climb


This razor blade romance
Cuts deeper all the time…

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