Legal Dollars Ent. – See You Mad

[Verse 1]
Said her name was Gemini
Damn that girl she hella fly
Told her she to be televised
So I beamed her up to my Enterprise
She be in that gym though
Trying to keep that thing toned
Doing squats and them leg curls
Girl you be in your damn zone
College bound chick but ain’t
Major in accounting but she make that money keep flowing like a fountain
That girl thick thick
You can tell she from the south quick
And she can’t fuck with no niggaz that ain’t bout it, we out here
Yea that’s why I stay on my business
As God is my witness
It’s legal dollar grand scale nigga
We in your district we taking your
Mistress and you know big booty
Though we stick with it
I’m in the right lane with the EZ pass every night man we gettin
Easy cash in the VIP it’s champagne that girl shake it like she insane

[Verse 2]
I don’t never want see you mad
What’s the price throw it in the bag
Pay it off we don’t leave no tab
Buying things that you never had
Tatted up with my jeans on sag
Diddy bop in my mean old swag
Swip the card then I hit the dab
Milly rock I don’t need no cash
I’m fly as hell and my shorty bad
High heals designer bags
I love it when she shake that ass
Make a nigga wanna spend that stash
Legal dollars got shit on smash
She turning heads like ceiling fans
The way she move got em in a trance
My chain swinging orangutan
We don’t care what you niggas
We just out here doing our thing
And all of my niggas we gettin that paper
And none of my niggas ain’t taking no pay cuts
We stacking we stacking we stacking that paper
We laughing we laughing we laughing at haters

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