Robb Bank$ – Knock Ya Self Out Lyrics

[Intro: Robb Bank$]
Wah, wah, wah
(Wah, wah) Wah, wah
(Woop, woop woop, wah) Wah, wah, wah

[Verse: Robb Bank$]
Yeah, I’m the same nigga put the stick to your aunty
‘Til them crackers threw it in that old ass Camry
Showerin’ in her p*ssy then I shower, now you’re Lassie
Dogs go to heaven, yeah, I’m God spelled backwards (Ugh)
Bitch, if you thought you’d get a feat’, you thought otherwise
Black bitch, white bitch, like a nigga colorblind
Yeah, I know that I’m the shit, don’t know ’bout that other guy (Yeah)
Baby, who you come here with? You broke as f*ck, I wonder why (Swear)
Idol, artist, push it hardest, hit yo target, missed me, farthest (Wak, wak, wak, wak, wak, wak, squawk)
Pulled off, six speed, nerd bitch, jinkies, bathtub lift up, walls do a three-sixty (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Like, “Okay Femto, show ’em where the Benz go”
Only one Benz punani, no Ford Lorenzo
Had to stop f*ckin’ the bitch, turned to schizo (Ugh)
I slip knots in my big-boy jeans, Kin$oul
But I to brag, put her face in lap
Is it brakes or gas? Either way I crash
And the bitch say that she model for a year and a half
And I don’t need no Perc’ 10, either way I last (Yeah)
Mano y mano (Facts), I’m grown you a toddler (Yeah)
Need Demi Lovato (Yeah), singing bravado (Yeah)
Put dick in yo side though (Yeah), wanna ride, need a saddle (Yeah)
Yeah, I just wanna lay though (Bitch), look like got hit by a cyclone (Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah)

Me and [?] count the likes up, they stream my waves on Tidal
She say she wanna go viral, I put that dick in her spinal
You know I only hit vitals, I four-thirty tear-drop you
I don’t run into my rivals, see five/six-thirty arrival
College bitch, p*ssy wet, so she wet as geyser
She say that she miss the dick so I’m gon’ remind her
Eye-to-eye contact, nut on her lens and blind her
Gotta sip some semi-automatic play at my concert (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I brought Triss through (Wak), I’m finna frisk you (Yuh)
And I wanna invert pain in ya mental (Yuh, yuh)
I’m big F.E.M.T.O. (SSET), what it stand for?
“f*ck Every Month ‘Til they Obey”, yes sir (SSET)

[Interlude: Robb Bank$ & Jadakiss]
Wah, wah wah wah, wah wah wah, wak (Knock ya self out)

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams, Jadakiss, & Robb Bank$]
Oh you modelin’ momma? (Uh) Don’t make me knock yo ass out
Wanna let ya hair down? (Go) I’ll knock ya ass out
Oh you ready to move? (Let’s go) Knock yo ass out
Wanna sit in the Coupe? (Come on) Don’t make me knock yo ass out
Oh you modelin’ momma? (Uh) Knock that hoe down
Wanna let ya hair down? (Go) Knock his ass out
Oh you ready to move? (Let’s go) Knock yo ass out
Wanna sit in the Coupe? (Come on) Knock ya self out, bitch

[Outro: Robb Bank$]
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, mwah
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, mwah

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