Sleep – Giza Butler lyrics

From the pallet walled temple, beneath the overpass
Chalice smoke exhalation engulfs the freeway up above
Up from the milk crate throne, on the Sabbath Day walks alone

Down to the bosque on day of Iommic Pentacost
Helms the shopping cart chariot along the access roads arroyo
Cart moored to tree. Proceeds the Creek Hippy

The rifftree is risen – the bong is to live in
An ounce a day, lightens the way
Salutations to the cultivators

The Kiefsatz Hasherach now takes the Bong Jabbar
Rifftual commences ’round the tree stump altar
Bong Water of Life anoints the Muad’ Doob messiah

The pterodactyl flies again
O’er emerald fields

The CBDeacon

Marijuana is his light and his salvation
Harvest sustains the altitude within
Ends the rationing – hocks the Ohaus Triple Beam

The chalice cup billows as the freedom song sung
Ascends to the shanty with the smoke filled lung
Bless the indica fields. Grateful for the yield

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