Suga Free – Sana Sana Lyrics

You said I could talk to you… Listen to me!

[Verse 1]

Now God, I know I am standing on something that could fall right now!
Thank you for letting me see another day, and keeping that sweat up off my eyebrow
I know I’m surrounded by demons
But they heart again
They ain’t that bad
They ain’t evil
They my friends
Then again — I scat more punches than twin towers’ got sack lunches
Cuz common sense is a motherf*cker, i’m workin with some fat bunches
It don’t take no Goddamn rocket scientist to see this planet is cold
Twin towers came tumblin down, so did Anna Nicole
Life is just a track cuz daddy put her on it
One big rolled up hundred dollar bill with a booger on it
Now, feet don’t fail me now!
They sucking on a soldier’s brain, heavily sedated with Novocane
f*ck THAT!
Pimpin — to hell with that, oversees getting shot the f*ck up, then they mail ya back
A “Dear John” for yo ass via air mail card board box, body bag then they give yo family a flag
You draft me!? Oh You trippin!
I gotta be honest with you sergeant, you give me that gun and I’ll probably shoot you with it!
I ain’t ya boy and I don’t vote, I never got that joke

Forgive me if I don’t laugh I got some kids to support fool

[Hook 1]

Please believe me
(Motherf*cker! DRAFT THESE NUTS!)
Pimpin and hoeing
So creepy
(Snoopy, I had ta get ya)
Just Pimpin

[verse 2]

I heard my grandma say, “we living in the last days fools!”
I said “now grandma, why you wanna f*ck up my last days with the news?” (laughter)
Sana sana culito de rana “piede te un poquito para te y tu hermana”
Yo vivo en el barrio de Pomona, Dame me dinero
Gleek bada ba bop, puro pedo
Eres mi puta, eres mi mula eres, eres, eres mi prostituta
Soy el jefe, soy el guapo, soy el awe mas padrecito
Told her hora dime papacito a desde cuando
Ah suga suga, prefierate a mi puta esperate un momento, prefierate a mi puta, eperate un momento…

[Hook 2]

Please believe me
(somebody help me, yo)
Pimpin and hoeing
(What a great day for an exocism)
So creepy

[Hook 3]

Just Pimpin
Please believe me
Pimpin and hoeing
So creepy
Just Pimpin

[Pimpin Instrumental Until Fade]

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