Quantum sensors, sea drones and hypersonic missiles: what are the new frontiers of war?

As well as subs, the AUKUS powers will work together on AI, cyber, quantum, hypersonic missiles and other “undersea capabilities”. What do these mean, and how will they change the […]

‘No timeframe, let alone a date’: France has no immediate plans to speak to Canberra

Meantime, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson have moved to heal a damaging rift triggered by the Morrison government’s AUKUS pact.

Top EU leader rebukes Scott Morrison during awkward New York encounter

As more countries openly criticise the new AUKUS defence pact, European Council President Charles Michel reminded the Prime Minister of the need for “transparency and loyalty”.

China formally applies to join trade deal alongside Australia that Trump dumped

Shortly after condemning Australia, the US and the UK for forming AUKUS, China applied to join the trans-pacific trade deal established to isolate Beijing.

‘Stab in the back’: Europe’s fury with Morrison and Biden over AUKUS submarine deal

France’s former ambassador to the US said British involvement was immaterial because they were “poodles of the Americans, as usual”.