Former DFAT boss urges government to adopt ‘more nuance’ in China dealings

Australia’s former top diplomat says the government needs to approach China with “more nuance” and be wary of being drawn into a United States policy of confrontation with Beijing.

Australia calls for ‘restraint and peace’ as Chinese military escalates Taiwan incursions

The Morrison government will face significant pressure to join US military action in the Taiwan Strait if Beijing carries out its threats.

China talent programs may be accessing Australian technology, linked to grant fraud

There is concern Australian academics are giving Beijing access to their technologies and inventions through talent recruitment schemes controlled by the CCP.

In Hong Kong, a new party calls for stability (and raises suspicions)

They are businessmen born in mainland China, serve on top advisory committees to Beijing and profess patriotism for the motherland. Now, they are seeking to bring that ardour to Hong Kong, […]

‘Don’t worry about me’: Australian writer detained in Beijing declares innocence in letter to supporters

An Australian writer detained in China for almost two years has been interrogated more than 300 times in a Beijing prison.

Apple Daily chief Jimmy Lai charged with colluding with foreign forces

A publishing tycoon and a prominent critic of the Chinese Communist Party, Lai has been charged under the new national security law imposed by Beijing.

‘That’s not leadership’: Andrews warns cutting Belt and Road will hurt Australian business

The Victorian Premier says any federal government move to tear up the state’s trade deal with China will only escalate tensions with Beijing.

Beijing controls Chinese-language media agencies in Australia, says intel agency

The Office of National Intelligence has confidentially briefed the government that many of Australia’s most popular Chinese-language news outlets have been co-opted by Beijing.