Which Big Brother does south-east Asia want? US’ blunt warning on China-led global order

US Defence Secretary Mark Esper has delivered a blunt warning about China’s ambitions in south-east Asia, but is it it too little, too late?

Australia refuses to join Trump’s punishment of China over Hong Kong

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham continues to support the free trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong despite Washington ending its preferential treatment for the former British colony.

China’s demand for Australian coal and iron ore surges despite rising animosity

A two-track trade relationship is developing between China and Australia. Imports critical to Beijing’s infrastructure stimulus are climbing while beef, barley and education attracts trade bans.

How the US steamrolled Chinese tech giant out of Five Eyes

Huawei has lost the anglosphere. The telecommunications giant that symbolised China’s economic rise will no longer build 5G networks across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and now Britain.

Johnson opens door to three million Hong Kongers, declaring China’s actions a ‘serious breach’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will now introduce a new route for the territory’s citizens to settle in the United Kingdom, putting pressure on Australia to make a similar offer.