‘Getting punched in the face’: Investors brace for iron ore falls as China tensions linger

The AUKUS defence pact is unlikely to have a material impact on iron ore prices in the short-term, investors say, but warned of longer-term risks of pinning the country’s defence […]

China formally applies to join trade deal alongside Australia that Trump dumped

Shortly after condemning Australia, the US and the UK for forming AUKUS, China applied to join the trans-pacific trade deal established to isolate Beijing.

Australia to build missile defences while waiting on nuclear-powered submarines

Australia’s new military pact with the US and Britain has sent shockwaves around the world, with China labelling it an “extremely irresponsible” threat to regional stability.

Australia’s nuclear sub deal ‘gravely undermines regional peace’ says China

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the new alliance with the US and UK “aggravates the arms race and hurts the international non-proliferation efforts”.

After a 37-year drought, Australia win two table tennis gold medals in an hour

Qian Yang and Lina Lei claimed individual table tennis medals in their categories for Australia on Monday after switching allegiances from China following the Rio Games.

Memo to Xi Jinping: if China’s kids are anything like mine, fat chance with your three-hour gaming limit

China reckons it will limit the nation’s children to three hours a week for video games. Good luck with that.

US-Beijing tensions escalate as SEC demands China firms reveal investor risks

The Securities and Exchange Commission will demand that the more than 250 Chinese companies trading in US markets better inform investors about political and regulatory risks.

Risk and instability: Afghanistan seen as weak link for China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The US departure from Afghanistan reduces Washington’s influence in a region near China. However, it’s not clear how much Beijing will benefit.

Snarling diplomacy: the ‘wolf warrior’ amping up China’s aggro on social media

Once a faceless bureaucrat, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian is delivering a different kind of aggression from his chosen battleground: Twitter.

China state-owned lender firm named in Parliament for deliberately bankrupting Australian company

A Chinese state-owned financier bankrupted an Australian company by misdirecting payments as a deliberate attempt to take ownership, Parliament has heard.