Australians want nation to ‘stick to its values’ in China dealings

Survey suggests a majority of Australians believe the country should call out Beijing over its approach to Hong Kong and Taiwan, retaliate against Chinese trade sanctions and speak out on […]

Pushing back against China will take global effort ‘not seen for many decades’: Morrison

In an address to the OEDC, the Prime Minister warned rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific were a threat to the financial prosperity of other nations.

G7 offers rebuke to China over Beijing’s economic coercion campaign against Australia

US President Joe Biden also says Beijing must “act more responsibly in terms of international norms, human rights and transparency”.

‘Don’t have to become like them’: Singapore advises Australia to work with China

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has offered his view on how to handle relations with the rising superpower after a meeting with Scott Morrison on Thursday.

‘Not complicated’: Dutton says China will never share deep military ties with Australia

The Defence Minister also warned the military build-up in the Indo-Pacific region meant the prospect of war was less remote than in the past and Australia must be prepared for […]

Scott Morrison asks global allies to defend freedom over autocracy, warning of competition with China

G7 leaders are planning an ambitious pledge on climate change but the Prime Minister will stand apart from other advanced economies by not going any further on Australia’s existing commitments.