How the US steamrolled Chinese tech giant out of Five Eyes

Huawei has lost the anglosphere. The telecommunications giant that symbolised China’s economic rise will no longer build 5G networks across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and now Britain.

Johnson opens door to three million Hong Kongers, declaring China’s actions a ‘serious breach’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will now introduce a new route for the territory’s citizens to settle in the United Kingdom, putting pressure on Australia to make a similar offer.

The drunkards, prostitutes and ‘wolf-like larrikins’ of 1880s Albert St

The old Chinatown uncovered during Cross River Rail works was home to drunks, petty thieves and prostitutes, as well as traders and shopkeepers from China and other Asian countries.

George Brandis delivers sharp rebuke to China for exploiting pandemic to undermine democracies

The Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom contradicts China’s claim that its authoritarian rule resulted in a better response to coronavirus.

China halts European salmon imports over suspected link to coronavirus outbreak

China has halted imports from European salmon suppliers amid fears they might be linked to a coronavirus outbreak at a Beijing market, although experts say the fish itself is unlikely […]