Former Turnbull security adviser auditing academics’ links to China

The universities of Sydney, New South Wales, Monash and Queensland have engaged former journalist and policy adviser John Garnaut to detect foreign interference risks.

‘If we are provoked we will respond’: China goes on offensive over treatment of Uighurs

Australia has struggled to get its relationship with China back on track ever since the Morrison government pushed for an independent inquiry into the outbreak of COVID-19.

Victoria’s secret agreement with China faces federal government scrutiny

The Commonwealth will probe a third deal between the Andrews government and China to advance public-private partnerships for infrastructure projects, signed separately to Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road deal.

‘Left activists have forgotten what freedom of speech is’: Education Minister slams students for pulling China story

Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge has criticised Sydney University’s student newspaper for taking down a report revealing academics’ links to the Chinese government, saying the move highlights the importance of […]

#FreedomLobster, #FreedomPineapple: new food alliance driven by China’s trade wars

Lobster sales across Australia have continued to surge as restaurants and pubs put them on the menu. Taiwan says it wants to work together as it weathers a trade strike […]

China’s ‘blatant coercion’ of Australia is a lesson for the world, says Antony Blinken

America’s top diplomat called on democratic nations to work together to counter China’s “aggressive actions” and technological advancements.

‘Real buzz in the room’: Johnson holds virtual call with Hong Kongers who’ve fled China’s crackdown

Hong Kongers who fled China’s repressive crackdown have urged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to consider recognising their qualifications in order to make their resettlements in Britain an easier experience.

Marise Payne says Australia won’t trade away values to restart China dialogue

Foreign Minister Marise Payne welcomes the Biden administration’s guarantee that the US will not grant China any improvement in relations until Beijing stops its economic coercion of Australia.

Russia, not China, tried to influence 2020 election, says US intel community

The report punctures a counter-narrative pushed by Trump’s allies that China was interfering on Biden’s behalf, concluding that Beijing “did not deploy interference efforts.”