Trump created an anti-American ‘cult’ of followers says Hilary Clinton

Clinton said that US President Joe Biden is trying to “separate” Donald Trump’s followers from the former president in his bid to unite Americans, 74 million of whom, voted for […]

Trump, Giuliani accused of conspiring to incite riot in new lawsuit

A Democratic congressman has filed a lawsuit accusing former president Donald Trump and lawyer Rudy Giuliani of conspiring to incite the violent riot that shook the US Capitol on January […]

The secret plan for countering China: Trump should have followed his own strategy

A highly sensitive document outlining the United States’ strategy for the Indo-Pacific represented a strong blueprint for the region but Donald Trump never followed it.

Donald Trump awards Scott Morrison with one of the highest military honours

Donald Trump has awarded Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison a prestigious American military decoration for “leadership in addressing global challenges” and strengthening the alliance between the two countries.

50 Cent Says Trump Offered Him $1 Million For Endorsement, Says Lil Wayne Was Paid

50 Cent says Lil Wayne was paid to support Trump. Just before the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump threw a hail mary at black celebrities in an attempt to win […]

US Election 2020 as it happened: Joe Biden, Barack Obama campaign in Michigan, Donald Trump chases Pennsylvania

Both US President Donald Trump and former vice-president Joe Biden are chasing the crucial mid-west states of Michigan and Pennsylvania as the US election 2020 campaign has just three days […]