‘No timeframe, let alone a date’: France has no immediate plans to speak to Canberra

Meantime, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson have moved to heal a damaging rift triggered by the Morrison government’s AUKUS pact.

‘Bitter, dramatic, terrible’: Europe’s anger at US after Kabul airport chaos

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron joined Boris Johnson in blaming the US for the fall of Kabul but Joe Biden doubled down on his decision to withdraw.

America is back: France’s Macron says Biden is ‘part of the club’

The United States is back as a cooperative leader of the free world under President Joe Biden, France’s Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday, illustrating the relief felt by many key […]

France’s anti-immigrant candidate Marine Le Pen gains on Emmanuel Macron in polling

More than a third of those intending to vote for her said they intended to plump for Le Pen out of anger towards or opposition against Macron.