‘Stab in the back’: Europe’s fury with Morrison and Biden over AUKUS submarine deal

France’s former ambassador to the US said British involvement was immaterial because they were “poodles of the Americans, as usual”.

‘Bitter, dramatic, terrible’: Europe’s anger at US after Kabul airport chaos

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron joined Boris Johnson in blaming the US for the fall of Kabul but Joe Biden doubled down on his decision to withdraw.

‘Like a horror movie’: rage at Athens as ‘unprecedented’ fire sweeps island

Firefighters across Europe have rushed to help Greece as the Prime Minister is forced to apologise for “any weaknesses” in the emergency response.

Tunisia’s youth being paid to illegally migrate to Europe to harm ties: president

“There are people who hurt Tunisia. I ask myself how they could make 1500 youths leave,” President Kais Saied was heard saying in a video released by his office.

EU recommends lifting Europe travel restrictions for all US tourists, vaccinated or not

The European Union on Friday added the US to a list of countries for which travel restrictions should gradually be lifted. The list applies to all American tourists, vaccinated or […]

AI-powered lie detectors, interview bots: migrants to face digital fortress at Europe’s border

One critic argued that EU officials were adopting “techno-solutionism” to sideline moral considerations in dealing with the complex issue of migration.

Europe tells China to have a ‘proper discussion’ with Australia on trade disputes

Europe’s top diplomat in Canberra has left the door open to the EU joining Australia’s claim against China at the World Trade Organisation.