United only in opposition to Netanyahu, can Israel’s fragile coalition government survive?

Naftali Bennett, the head of a small ultranationalist party, will take over as prime minister. But if he wants to keep the job, he will have to maintain an unwieldy […]

Cases of heart inflammation found in young men after Pfizer, Moderna vaccines: US CDC

The US agency and other health regulators have been investigating heart inflammation cases after Israel’s Health Ministry reported it had found a likely link to the condition in young men.

Netanyahu alleges ‘the greatest election fraud’ as Israel faces fears of political violence

Naftali Bennett, the nationalist set to replace Netanyahu, called on Israel’s longest-serving leader not to leave “scorched earth” behind.

Australia news LIVE: Three members of Australian Olympic team test positive to COVID-19; NSW byelection fallout

Three members of the Australian Olympic skateboarding team have tested positive to COVID-19 in the United States, NSW Labor MPs are vying for the leadership after a ‘devastating’ weekend byelection, […]

We lived amid rockets raining down on Israel: this conflict is complicated

As a human rights lawyer, Rachel Lord took a dim view of Israel until she lived there with her children while her husband, Dave Sharma, served as Australia’s ambassador. Now […]

Australia news LIVE: Herd immunity at risk over COVID vaccine strategy; Israel-Palestine conflict death toll rises

Health experts are calling for an advertising campaign to convince vaccine-hesitant people to get their COVID shots, Victoria is set to hand down its state budget, and US President Joe […]

Biden sets deadline for ‘significant de-escalation’ as Netanyahu vows to press on

The US President greatly increased pressure on Israel to end the war with the Palestinians, telling Benjamin Netanyahu that he expected “significant de-escalation” by day’s end.

Associated Press wants probe into Israel’s bombing of its Gaza office

The attack took place one day after Israel’s military was accused of misleading foreign journalists by announcing it had launched a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, then retracting that […]

‘Palestine will be free’: Thousands turn out in Sydney to protest against Israeli strikes

Thousands of Palestine supporters have rallied to condemn Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Rihanna Gets Surprised Backlash Over Her Statement On Israeli-Palestinian Crisis

Rihanna is facing backlash after her seemingly neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Weeks of tension between Israel and Palestine have erupted into what the United Nations has framed as […]