Kabul attack updates: Dozens dead in suicide bombings outside Afghanistan international airport; Joe Biden vows revenge

The attack has sparked global outrage and a promise of retribution from the US

‘Bitter, dramatic, terrible’: Europe’s anger at US after Kabul airport chaos

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron joined Boris Johnson in blaming the US for the fall of Kabul but Joe Biden doubled down on his decision to withdraw.

‘Big-hearted decision’: Joe Biden offers ‘safe haven’ to Hong Kong residents in US

The White House said in a statement the move made clear the United States “will not stand idly by as the PRC breaks its promises to Hong Kong and to […]

One hundred days that shook America from its delirium: Biden’s bold and fast agenda

The nation’s blood pressure is collectively down, but there be two markers for Joe Biden’s next 100 days: will he get his ambitious infrastructure spending through Congress? And will there […]

‘Enhancing worker productivity’: Joe Biden signs minimum wage boost for federal contract employees

Biden administration officials said that the higher wages would lead to greater worker productivity, offsetting any additional costs to taxpayers.

If push comes to shove with China, Biden meeting may be marked as the moment Tokyo chose sides

The first leader Joe Biden welcomed to a face-to-face meeting at the White House was Japan’s Prime Minister.