Wimbledon and the Euros finish to packed houses, why can’t Tokyo have any fans?

There were 60,000 fans in London’s Wembley stadium and 20,000 in Wimbledon on Sunday, but none will be in the stands at Tokyo’s opening ceremony in a city with a […]

‘It’s actually insects’: Euro 2020 final set for pitch invasion of a different kind

Millions of insects in large clouds have been spotted on radar over and around London as weather conditions become perfect for mating, and the creatures could be lured to Wembley […]

Sydney COVID cases expected to decline, London to Australia flights hit $38,000 after cap slashed

More supermarkets and trains exposed to COVID in NSW, as government and health authorities express optimism that Sydney’s lockdown may still be lifted at the end of Friday, 9 July.

New Tate exhibition isn’t rewriting our history – but it aims to fill the gaps

In a cavernous room above the banks of the Thames in London, two very different artworks face each other on opposite walls. The result is confronting, and that’s the intention.

Britain’s Jews should not have to endure ‘shameful racism’, says Boris Johnson

Johnson was responding to a video that showed a convoy of cars bearing Palestinian flags driving through a Jewish community in north London, broadcasting anti-Semitic messages.

‘Summer’s going to be great’: Aussie cafes brew hope in a cup as England comes out of lockdown

As Britain’s vaccination rollout unlocks England from forced hibernation, the Australians who run London cafes look for that post-pandemic economic jolt.