Michael Jordan may be the GOAT, but LeBron James’ voice resonates more than any other athlete’s

A decade ago LeBron James was labelled an egomaniac and fans of all clubs would cheer against him. Then something changed.

Sean Leon – Redway’s Song (feat. Redway) (I Think You’ve Gone Mad (Or The Sins Of The Father) Album)

[Verse 1 – Redway] (My nigga, where you been with that new shit?) I took some L’s and a few things Don’t check for niggas who ain’t checking And check […]

Chief Keef – Moonboots (Bonus Track) (Two Zero One Seven Deluxe Album)

[Hook] All a young nigga know is finesse Before you come to me, you better get a check Ride down [?] road, that’s windows flex Hopped out on em looking […]