In tears, WHO chief blasts ‘lack of leadership and solidarity’ during pandemic

The World Health Organisation’s top official also announced that former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark would be co-chair of an impending international investigation into the pandemic.

How the US steamrolled Chinese tech giant out of Five Eyes

Huawei has lost the anglosphere. The telecommunications giant that symbolised China’s economic rise will no longer build 5G networks across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and now Britain.

Five reasons Australia and New Zealand are favourites to host the Women’s World Cup

The trans-Tasman bid enters Friday morning’s vote as the front-runner to host the 2023 global showpiece. These are the reasons why.

‘Welcome home darling’: White Island survivor returns to Melbourne home after 6 months in hospital

Stephanie Browitt, 23, lost her younger sister and father when a New Zealand volcano erupted last December. She suffered third-degree burns to most of her body.

Jessi‚ Microdot‚ Dumbfoundead & Lyricks – K.B.B (가위바위보)

[Intro: Jessi] 누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보 누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보 [Verse 1: Dumbfoundead] Microdot, half the YOX And one bad man, I’m a 나쁜 남자 I […]