Australia news LIVE: Fears Melbourne protests may continue; lockdowns begin for northern NSW LGAs

Police are preparing for further protests in Melbourne’s CBD, Byron Bay is waking up to its first day of a seven-day lockdown and the PM has had his first face-to-face […]

Australia news LIVE: COVID-19 cases continue to grow across the nation as states and territories look for lockdown exit strategies

The Victorian construction industry will be shut down after a violent protest, the NSW government plans to pour billions of dollars into LGAs of concern and it’s the first day […]

Chug It Attorney Demands Spice Refund Fee & Issue Public Apology

Spice has been served notice by the legal team for the promoter of the popular Caribbean franchise, Chug It, after she previously alleged that the promoters had scammed her fans […]

Even Berejiklian is fed up with the PM, who she privately regards as an ‘evil bully’

Scott Morrison has a problem with Australia’s premiers. Even NSW’s Liberal Premier has told colleagues she’d have preferred that Peter Dutton won the federal leadership. But the PM’s big electoral […]

This is fake freedom: an unhappy Liberal MP tells her Premier and PM straight

The Liberal member for the western Sydney seat of Mulgoa says her constituents deserve better from her political party – the party centred on the “alienable rights and freedoms of […]

Prosecutor advises Higgins to consider steering clear of PM’s office inquiry

The ACT Director of Public Prosecutions says Phil Gaetjens’ investigation into who in Scott Morrison’s office knew about Brittany Higgins’ rape allegation could prejudice court proceedings.

Victoria ‘unlikely’ to eliminate Delta as PM backs NSW on reopening

A leading epidemiologist says lockdowns, intensive contact tracing and vaccination would be required to merely flatten the curve of the current outbreaks because the ability of the virus to spread […]

‘Moral obligation’: Almost 10,000 sign open letter pleading with PM to act on Afghanistan

The letter calls for an increase in Australia’s humanitarian intake and action to resettle interpreters, guides and other personnel involved in Australia’s mission in Afghanistan.

‘Monumentally failed’: Rudd calls for media watchdog to be abolished over Sky News COVID-19 claims

The former PM has called for the country’s media watchdog to be abolished, saying it had “monumentally failed” during the pandemic by not upholding broadcast standards at Sky News.

Laundy backs no jab, no pub despite PM’s push to protect unvaxxed businesses

Scott Morrison has suggested state safe work authorities issue statements making clear that employers that left vaccination decisions up to their staff were not breaching health and safety rules.

Minister claims car park ‘top marginal’ seat list must stay secret until 2039

Paul Fletcher claims documents relating to the approval of $660m in commuter car parks should say confidential, while new details show the PM approved many of them the night before […]

Lockdown politics: does the PM’s plan involve more than just spin?

On this episode of Please Explain, national affairs editor Rob Harris joins Tory Maguire to discuss what the political stage might look like after the vaccine effort fully ramps up.