‘Not in my domain’: Commissioner powerless to help woman at centre of Sydney defects debacle

Nothing the NSW Building Commissioner can do to help recover Sydney woman’s life savings after she bought into a 300-apartment tower with alleged major defects.

‘Exclusive use’: Sydney mayor’s estimated $500K team revealed amid GM stoush

The outgoing general manager of the Inner West Council has revealed the size of mayor Darcy Byrne’s staff cache comparative to those of other large councils.

Sydney man charged over importation of cocaine and meth in pool pumps

The investigation, known as Operation Joffre began in September last year after ABF officers noticed two parcels from Italy containing five kilograms of cocaine and three consignments from America containing […]

NSW government backs controversial Harbourside Shopping Centre high-rise

The $708 million plan has triggered another dispute between Clover Moore’s council and Gladys Berejiklian’s government over development west of Sydney’s CBD.

‘They are being washed out to sea’: How the end of JobKeeper is affecting Sydney businesses

As the economy adjusts to the end of JobKeeper and other business support schemes, sectors still affected by pandemic disruptions are bracing for job losses and business closures after Easter.

‘It’s ironic’: Macquarie Street revival snagged by federal heritage listing, minister says

A Commonwealth heritage protection order has placed an obstacle in the path of the state government’s plan to revitalise Sydney’s historic precinct.

Four Points: how Sydney broke down the Tigers; baby Dons in a hurry; Flyin’ Ryan soars again

The Swans came to the MCG with a plan to dismantle Richmond’s team defence, and the new AFL rules helped them do it.