The Connie Dungs – Typical Tattoo lyrics

There’s no telling what we just might do
I don’t want to get the typical tattoo
We’ll have to choose, permanent and true
There’s a devil on my shoulder of the angel in my ear
You’d die if you could see the dreams
I’ve had between these ringing ears
That nagging fear pierces like a spear

Your favorite dream and your worst nightmare came to life
Hand me a knife
Your heart or mine?

Followed by a black cloud all damn day
It’s swelled up with all the words that you won’t say
It won’t go away, it’s like a bird of prey There’s a devil on your shoulder, oh my precious angel dear
And on the other I stand screaming
But it’s not exactly clear just who you hear

A long time ago I cut all signs of hope upon the razor wire
That separated soil from life
You can mark my word
I’m telling total truths
There’s not much more to say
When words on paper bruise your heart My hearts not dead, there still exists a thread
So sew me back together
I’ll remember to forget her

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