Trey Songz – She Needs Me Lyrics

[Trey Songz]:
I love you
I love you
Ohhh I love you
And I need you baby
And you need me too
So, no matter where your love goes
And though she doesn’t care
She knows I am there
Cuz’ I know how much my baby needs me, yeah, need
I believe
But she needs me
Ooo, my sugar
I guess it isn’t very smart of me following you
Tagging along
But, right
Ohhhhhh, or I’ll-
I’ll take care of you
I’m here
I’m wit you, baby

Forever I will be your freind
Oh, your lover
Because when we’ll be shining, Ohhhh
Tooooo, to wake up always wake up
And make-a discover
She needs me
She needs me
She needs me
So I will go
My baby needs me
And I’ll always be there
Tend to your every care
Long as she needs
Girl, I know you need me
Baby, do you need me?
I want to believe you-Oooo- mmm

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