VI Seconds – Sirens Lyrics

Let’s act a little
Let’s act a little
Red, let’s act a little

[Verse 1]
Trouble, let’s take a minute to get into it
Tune in to local news to an international incident
Reporters on the scene, all trying to get in the mix of it
Young Poseidon is running the crime syndicate
Yeah, outlaw who could really do without laws
Who choose to move without your rules, I’m out [?]
He who walks the line between hero and villain
Born with the flyest of styles and the wilest of writtens, yeah
Glass shatterer, waving the middle finger
And I look good doing it, no batter can bring ’em
Toe tagger, hell bringer, bell ringer
Moving too slow for my pace, I’m a shell slinger
That means I lack in time to be standing in line with you niggas Pacing your movements and so I move you aside
See, I’m the fuckin’ cause of the damage to your cause
Take actions on my actions, I’m guilty as charged

Let’s act a little bad, bad, bad
‘Til we hear sirens, sirens, sirens
Act a little bad, bad, bad
‘Til we hear sirens, sirens, sirens
Act a little bad, bad, bad
‘Til we hear sirens, sirens, sirens
Act a little bad, bad, bad
‘Til we hear
This is how we do
Security, we got some niggas tryna burn out the club

[Verse 2]
I’m a grown man with some bad habits
And mad cabbage in my black baggage
I’m a damn savage, your broad on my man package
Tripping like she’s lifted off multiple hits of taps, acid
A smooth [?], making my spot as a new classic
Loose cannon, I suggest you invest in new glasses
Rootin’ and tootin’, this juice deuce blastin’ this
Problem and [?], you ain’t gotta ask me shit
I regret nothing, I act like I won’t fuck her
They say karma’s a bitch, that why I still fuck her
I get a rush from it all like Chris Tucker
And my attitude’s why your miss got her lips puckered
I’m that dude on the one-two’s with rawness
Headed to the top like male pattern baldness
I’m ready to pop and [?] that confetti drop
Every night bottle breakin’, [?]


[Verse 3]
Fuck the proper shit
Let’s act like in life there’s never been a consequence
With a drive like a cab dispatcher
Holding the world for ransom like a planetary kidnapper
I’m a disaster with armadas at my side
So fly, I can smack a whole fleet from the sky
Riding by with a fist clenched, and a bad grip
As soon as I touch down, your chick wanna sex Sixx
That’s it, I show up and conquer
On and off day, my essence [?]
Siren [?], fire department, the ambulance
Better arrive, ‘cuz you’re burn tryna stand a chance
More badass than Jovi’s second name
And I prove it ‘cuz I bang without a weapon aim
Without a set I claim and I’m still reppin’ my gang
The fuckin’ up [?], you think I was a flame

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