Yelawolf – Trial By Fire lyrics

Yew, what the fuck is up?
Made it
You see that fuckin’ dude try to cut me off?
Go up in here and get a beer
Another shot
Blues party
Uh, yeah. Woo woo! What up Gill?
What up mane?
Hey y’all
I see my boy Yelawolf comin’ up in the house, mane
What! Look like -got his boys with him too, mane
Hey can you grab me a beer?
Is that brother Bones out there?
Ah, it look like DJ Klever, too, mane
Man, come up here and give these folks somethin’
I need to go get me a drink, mane
Let him come on, ladies and gentlemen
Yela, Bones, DJ Klever
Yo, let’s freestyle some shit
That’s right

Check, check, check
Let’s go Klever
This is Bones Owens to my right, right here
To my left DJ Klever
My name is Yelawolf
This is Trial By Fire

[Verse 1]
Back in 1979 it was a cold day in December
Mamma peeled the paint off the wall, screamin’
Babie’s on the way
They rushed her to the hospital in that old Chevy truck
Running 90 miles an hour down them back roads
Blowing past the sheriff, hid in the woods, smoke bellowing off the engine
Running hot, must have been a sign
They rushed her to the emergency room
And barely made it to the bed
A few minutes later I was screaming for my first breath
“A little devil,” the doctor said
He’s got that look in his eye, ya know?
Reminds me of mischief
Yeah this ones gonna be trouble I can tell it
And then the lights went
Then mamma said doctor something’s burning, I can smell it

And it was trial by fire
I’m just under a plane singing to burn it down
You better watch your step
When I come around

[Verse 2]
Damn right, uh
You could hear lightning for miles around
And oak trees hitting the ground
The wind tore holes on that old Dixie flag on the capitol steps
Change is coming, my great grand mamma said
Quietly clutching her Bible, sitting in a rocking chair, smoking a cigarette
And the wood creaked beneath the porch and the old dog moaned and cried
As the sirens passing by
And Mr. Williams brought a mean batch of that moonshine to the wake
You know one comes and one goes as they say
And they laid a flower on the grave
Buried on December 29th for robbing a bank
And killed by the police, see you in the next life old friend
Little did he know, his old friend was back again
As the son of Sheila Diane

And it was trial by fire
I’m just under a plane singing to burn it down
You better watch your step
When I come around

[Verse 3]
You know how the story goes, c’mon
See me, I’m a curious soul
A stray bullet to some a chatter and whisper at night and the head of a following storm, a rebel at heart, a devilish grin
A leader of men, a preacher at ten
I was already in to spiritual sin
Back in the saddle again
12s in the back of the trunk, making it rattle again
Giving them nothing but punk
Living, the baby, the babie’s got powers, the baby is haunted
Fuck a church, I’m a confession
Professional, public annointed
Came from the wrong side of the tracks
Bring the wrong crowds out the back
Keeping these gutter dogs raised
With these alley way cats
Seen what these others can’t see
My poetry is a reflection of ? up from the bottom
And climbing that fucking tree, but I brought a chainsaw
I come to build a house up out of it, chopping
Limbs off this culture, and putting soliders up inside of it
Nails, brick, mortar, board up the windows
For the tornado, I’m a fatal blow to these honorable foes
Bag up the hot potato

And it was trial by fire
I’m just under a plane singing to burn it down
You better watch your step
When I come around

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