Yung Simmie – Smoke Clouds (Simmie Season 2 Mixtape)

I’m with my niggas and we smokin’ on that girl scout
No I can’t kick it with you niggas bring the girls out
I’m prolly rollin’ up some weed you never heard about
You know I’m all about my facts, fuck yo’ word of mouth
Who smokin’ Reggie? Nigga point him out
‘Cause this the loud-pack section, we’ll kick you out
Why it’s a drought? That some shit you gotta figure out
‘Cause all my niggas smokin’ loud, we don’t need to shout
One puff might knock you out
And if she ain’t rollin’ weed or suckin’ D I gotta kick her out
Man I remember smokin’ blunts in my mom’s house
She was on the way home, I had to get the smell out
Backwoods when we smokin’ out
I can’t smoke with rookie niggas that be coughin’ loud
All nugs, no shake look like Brussel sprouts
So what the fuss about?
You the type of nigga smoke a roach and burn your mouth
You know my music bring the smokers out
And now yo’ girl wanna smoke and see what I’m about
But I’m that nigga that’s without a doubt
He think he hot? I’ll blow his candle out
I’m on that paper route
So don’t be swervin’ in my lane ’cause I might take you out
You get smoked like some hash like we bakin’ out
I hear the rumors that be goin’ ’round
But I’m coolin’ takin’ dabs, blowin’ smoke clouds

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